Favorite videos and photos from The Ark, featuring our founder, Connie May

Make Me An Channel of Your Peace video

Click here to for Make Me a Channel of Your Peace video

Connie May had a song that came to her while she was in the hospital. It was the song of St. Francis of Assissi, “Make Me A Channel of Your Peace.” This video is such a beautiful rendition.

Connie used her last days to help others come to peace with her passing and became a channel of peace.

Scripture Helps

Jordan River

From Connie:  The river Jordan flows into two seas: the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The main difference between the seas is the life in them. One is full of abundant life, the other has very little. The one receives the river and lets it flow on through. The other only receives. The Ark is a way that I can let the river “flow on through”. In this metaphor the water is the gift of the Holy Spirit, or as my friends will tell you, I call the Sneaky Spirit. So I hope you find water for your spiritual growth within these offerings.

For years Connie used the “bible tower” to help people visualize the importance and place of each book in the Old Testament (BCE). The size of the block, and where the block is on the tower is a way to sense the context and importance of each book. Click on the link to print off your copy. It will give the dates, important theological insights and historical events of the period.

Interview with Connie Dec. 4, 2018

Thank you Soul Dancer for creating this wonderful video from the interview that Vicki had with Connie. This was posted originally on the previous TheArk website.

Dumb God Talk Link for women in pop up tents offering to pray


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