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READING MATERIALS  FOR THE WEEK:   Use this to view or print off the study materials for the coming week.  Join us as we connect our own lives with the Word.

Times and places to join one of the study groups.

Monday evening Zoom meeting: 7: 00- 8:30 

Thursday afternoons: 3:30-5:00  St. Ludmila Parish Center at 2107 J. St. SW, Cedar Rapids. (In person or via Zoom.)

Zoom Video Conference  Join us via video conferencing on your computer, Ipad or smartphone.

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These prayer sheets are being used to open committee meetings in churches and the discussion questions are being posted in bulletins. This enables faith communities using either the Roman or Revised Common lectionaries to pray together more fully, while preparing worshipers to receive. 

Prayer Sheets for weeks of

Sept. 8th

Sept. 15th

Sept. 22nd

Sept. 29th

Oct. 6th

The Growing Edge became The Ark after we moved from Raymond. We named it the ARK because The Growing Edge had suffered 3 floods and our new location was on the second highest point in the county. We figured that the Growing Edge was now The ARK. Fr. Beck who designed the logo said;

“The Growing  Edge should be about growing things at the edges of what was assumed to be possible.”  We continue to explore what is possible.

NEW IDEA: I have started wearing diaper pins on my clothes in order to remind myself that my choices affect my grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is a good discussion starter to engage people in reflecting on their choices. Want to join me. I carry pins so ask me for one. Better yet get your own supply and start your own conversations.

Here at The Ark you will find the lectionary pdf files, links of interest, short book reviews and more.

For years I have used my “bible tower” to help people visualize the importance and place of each book in the Old Testament (BCE). The size of the block, and where the block is on the tower is a way to sense the context and importance of each book. Click on the link to print off your copy. It will give the dates, important theological insights and historical events of the period.

From Connie:  The river Jordan flows into two seas: the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The main difference between the seas is the life in them. One is full of abundant life, the other has very little. The one receives the river and lets it flow on through. The other only receives. This site is the way that I can let the river “flow on through”. In this metaphor the water is the gift of the Holy Spirit, or as my friends will tell you, I call the Sneaky Spirit. So I hope you find water for your spiritual growth within these offerings.

***I have used this teaching tool for years to image Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of evolution. I believe it gives us the map of the process of creation Teilhard expresses.

Biography: I am a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother and has served as a NACC Chaplain in hospitals, a prison, and most recently retired after 20 years as a co-founder and chaplain for a hospice program.  I hold degrees in Criminal Justice from Kirkwood Community College and a Masters in Theology from Aquinas Institute of Theology. I received certification as a Catholic Chaplain after  completing a residency at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics.When serving as a pastoral associate of a large urban parish I conducted a lectionary study program that has now met continuously for over 38 years. The Lectionary Study Guides available on this site are the outcome of all those years of “breaking open” the Word with as many as 4 groups a week. If you find them useful please feel free to introduce them to others.


Words Create Reality: A paper on the origin of consciousness