The Enigma of Reason

I was attracted to the premise of this book because I wondered why we reason the way we do.  A sentence on the last page sums it up for me. “Group discussion is typically beneficial when participants have different ideas and a common goal.” In our times of polarization where we haven’t agreed upon the common goal of survival of the environment or humanity itself it is no wonder why we struggle.  Hopefully insight into the ways we do and do not reason will help us discover a common goal. It only takes a serious illness to impress upon a person that individualism is an illusion. We will move forward together or not at all. Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber have dug deep and given us the benefit of their exhaustive examination of the enigma of reason.

Process Person Presence

Process, Person, Presence by Raymond Parr. This book is out of print but Amazon will query used book stores for a copy. This book earned my “book of the year” award when it came out. The author begins in his introduction by saying: “Faith is not a rational conclusion drawn from rational premises; faith is an experience of presence, a response to the benigh presence of another which acknowledges  the initative of that other to whom faith is the response.” This book deserves several readings.