About The Ark

The Growing Edge became The Ark after we moved from Raymond, Iowa. We named it the ARK because The Growing Edge had suffered 3 floods and our new location was on the second highest point in the county. We figured that the Growing Edge was now The ARK.

Fr. Beck (who designed our logo) said;

“The Growing Edge should be about growing things at the edges of what was assumed to be possible.”

We continue to explore what is possible.

Here at The Ark you will find the lectionary pdf files, links of interest, short book reviews and more.

For years I have used my “bible tower” to help people visualize the importance and place of each book in the Old Testament (BCE). The size of the block, and where the block is on the tower is a way to sense the context and importance of each book. Click this link to print off your copy. It will give the dates, important theological insights and historical events of the period.

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