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Connie May was an avid reader. She would read sometimes 3-7 books aweek. When she finished a book, if it was worthy of her standards, she would write up a review and post it on her website,

Since her passing in 2019, I have been trying to upload her book reviews for anyone who might like to enjoy them and would like to stretch their reading habits. “The Universal Christ” by Richard Rohr is a book that she would have dearly loved exploring in a group discussion. That is why we are honoring our mentor with a Lenten discipline book review of “The Universal Christ.” We meet online on Thursday nights from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. CT. To join the discussion, click here for instructions.

Click here to go to Book Reviews

Published by In Honor of Connie May

Connie May was the spiritual mentor of The Growing Edge and more recently, The Ark. In order to honor her passing into Heaven on Oct. 9, 2019, I have chosen to continue her scripture study regarding the lectionary texts, with the blessing of her family. Student-Pat Jacobs

One thought on “Connie’s Book Reviews

  1. Thank you, Pat! I often went to Connie’s reviews to select a book to read, and was always guided in the right direction!


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