Lenten Discipline

You are invited to a weekly Zoom contemplative discussion on Richard Rohr’s book, “The Universal Christ.” Starting Feb. 27, 2020, 7-8:30 CT for nine weeks through Lent-(skipping Maundy Thursday), we will be using the Insight Group Guide as outlined in “The Universal Christ-Web Guide” for our discussion guidelines. A free copy of this style of discussion is available at the website Center for Action and Contemplation called Companion Guide for Groups. The schedule for discussion will include reading 2 chapters of “The Universal Christ” each week, beginning Feb. 27 through April 23. On Thursdays, log into the Zoom meeting room for discussion. Zoom is a free online discussion website that can be downloaded as an app or accessed through the internet at www.zoom.us. Our meeting room ID # is 936 604 3143.

Published by In Honor of Connie May

Connie May was the spiritual mentor of The Growing Edge and more recently, The Ark. In order to honor her passing into Heaven on Oct. 9, 2019, I have chosen to continue her scripture study regarding the lectionary texts, with the blessing of her family. Student-Pat Jacobs

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