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New Year’s Resolution

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

My New Year’s Resolution was to update the website for Connie. Since she has passed into Heaven, we have been still meeting weekly. Connie had kept the website “The Ark” up-to-date with the study guides for our weekly discussions.

Connie May started preparing Lectionary Study Guides for students that came to The Ark to study scripture in 1983. I started attending regularly in 1986. I was and still am drawn to the Word through the reading of the text, discussing what it meant when it was written, and what it means for me today. Plus we went to have lunch afterwards, which was great fellowship! Now, through our Zoom conference meeting on Monday evenings, we study each week from different parts of the country from the comfort of our homes. If you are curious, jump on! We would love to Zoom with you! Pat Jacobs

Published by In Honor of Connie May

Connie May was the spiritual mentor of The Growing Edge and more recently, The Ark. In order to honor her passing into Heaven on Oct. 9, 2019, I have chosen to continue her scripture study regarding the lectionary texts, with the blessing of her family. Student-Pat Jacobs

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