Engaging the Powers

 Walter Wink is one of my favorite authors and his Engaging the Powers ranks as one of his best in my view. This award winning work is one I go back to often as I prepare my study guides. The index of gospel passages in the back of the book helps to go directly to the passage you are studying or meditating on at the moment. The subtitle; Discernment and Resistance in a World of Domination, gives you insight into this thought provoking book. Fortress Press, Minneapolis, MN published this book in 1992.

The Cultural World of Jesus: Cycle B

 In cycle B we encounter the gospel of Mark. The Cultural World of Jesus: Sunday by Sunday, Cycle B 1996  Collegeville, MN. The Liturgical Press. This continues the task of helping to dig deeper into what is considered the first of the gospels that was put in written form. Once again, getting to know the times and concerns of the Middle East where Jesus lived and died, will help open up this gospel.

The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus

The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus is the most engaging book. What would Jesus Do? remains a problematic question because it implies that it is Jesus’ role to enter into our world and become the solution to our problems, when we are meant to live as bravely and as fully in our world and time as Jesus lived in his. (78) “The love of God is not just a sentimental obligation but the incorporation of a worldview that we respond to God as God acts toward us.” (Pg. 79) This is work worth pondering.