The Ark’s weekly Scripture study guides are available for viewing in PDF format using Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader or the free Foxit Reader.

Our Scripture aids are designed specifically for those who follow the weekly readings from the Lectionary. Although they are designed for those who must preach from the Word or those who lead Scriptural discussion groups, many others will find these aids valuable adjuncts to their personal reading of the Scripture as well.

Each Lectionary aid focuses on the Gospel from one of the Sundays of the year, and is divided into sections on entering the scene, the Gospel text, study of the Word, questions for discussion, parallel texts, other Scriptural texts for the week, a prayer for a closing, and supportive information from a variety of sources. The weekly discussion question is suitable for inclusion in worship bulletins. Fr. Beck’s drawings make good bulletin cover inclusions. The Prayer Sheet work well for the beginning portion of parish committee meetings.

One of Connie’s goals for these guides was to avoid what one of her patients called “dumb God talk” . That is talk about God that is so bad that if people talked about us like that we would be either insulted or wonder if they knew us at all.  So welcome and enjoy.

 We now have study guides available for all the weeks of Cycles A, B, and C:

  • Lectionary Guide: Matthew
  • Lectionary Guide: Mark
  • Lectionary Guide: Luke
  • Lectionary Guide: John

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