Henri Nouwen: A Restless seaking for God

A friend of Fr. Nouwen, Jurjen Beumer, in his: Henri Nouwen: A Restless Seeking for God, explors the life and growth of this restless seeker of God whose many books have drawn countless people with him in their own searches. I remember a conference I attended where Henri introduced all of us to Adam, and witnessed his devotion to this beloved handicapped person he lovingly cared for.

Fire of Love


In 1976 I took a course on Teilhard de Chardin taught by Fr. Don Goergen, O.P. at Aquinas Institute of Theology. This began a quest that has evolved into what many of you now know as my encounter with the Sneaky Spirit. In Fr. Goergen’s latest book, Fire of Love we plunge into this mysterious reality in earnest. I wonder if today’s world will someday be seen as the age of the Spirit by those who ponder the many changes we are wrestling with assist guided by this same Spirit?

Banished Messiah

Our gifted artist, musician and scripture scholar Fr. Robert Beck, has just published a new work on the Gospel of Matthew titled Banished Messiah: Violence and Nonviolence in Matthew’s Story of Jesus. You will find references to this fine work in the years coming study guides beginning in Advent. His work plumbs the depths of nonviolence in this gospel.

Banished Messiah: Violence and Nonviolence in Matthew’s Story of Jesus